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Erika Johanson - City of White Rock mayoral candidate

‘My consistent voting record speaks to my standpoint!’
Erika Johanson is running for Mayor of White Rock. Contributed photo

Erika Johanson

Retired Information Technology consultant

Top three issues:

• Stop highrises

• Fiscal accountability

• Efficient services

No new highrises! Keep mandatory Public Hearings for new developments. Eliminate spot zoning and protect our single-family neighbourhoods. Pass a budget before the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year. Implement comprehensive, consistent, computerized departmental budgets. Review and optimize business processes to improve city services. Reduce red tape with the increased use of technology. Identify issues at City Hall and create a more business-friendly experience. Develop metrics to measure how well our businesses are doing. Reinstate the grant to businesses to upgrade their storefronts. Bring back multi-family/commercial garbage pickup. Ensure proper funding for environmental issues. Support the Semiahmoo First Nation in their desire to clean the bay and restore traditional clamming activities (eliminate stormwater runoff into the bay). Guide our city’s direction by increasing collaboration between Council and City Staff. Provide timely and transparent information/communications internally and externally. My consistent voting record speaks to my standpoint!