Carlene Marshall and her son Devin

Carlene Marshall and her son Devin

Guildford family’s memories stolen on Valentine’s Day

Mother appeals to thief to return irreplaceable photos of deceased daughter.

Carlene Marshall is hoping that the thief who broke into her home on Valentine’s Day has a heart.

After arriving home from work on Thursday, Feb. 14, the Surrey woman noticed her Acer laptop was not on the kitchen table where she had left it.

Nothing in her Guildford townhouse seemed to be disturbed, however the more she searched, the more she began to realize other items were missing, including a small amount of jewelry and two HP netbooks belonging to her daughter Robin and her son Devin.

The loss of the items, especially the computers, is particularly devastating for the Marshall family, as Carlene’s other daughter Lauren – Robin’s twin sister – committed suicide 14 weeks ago and all her photographs and poetry are stored on those computers.

“Almost all of the photos of my daughter and all of the poetry she and Robin wrote are on those computers,” said Marshall through tears. “It’s not the computers, it’s the content, so even if they (the thieves) burned the photos and poetry to a disk and mailed them to me, that would be fine, they already know my address.”

RCMP were able to find good fingerprints at the scene, however Marshall is desperate to retrieve the images.

“All I have are photos on my phone and photographs from the funeral. These are photos i’ll never get back.”

Anyone who has information regarding  the computers or the photographs can contact Marshall by email at