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Harvie announces full slate of Achieving for Delta candidates

Thirteen candidates vying for seats on council and school board after Oct. 15 election
Mayor George Harvie announced his full slate of Achieving For Delta candidates on Tuesday, May 24: (from left) council candidates Jennifer Johal and Rod Binder, trustee candidate Maury Kask, Trustee Erica Beard, Mayor George Harvie, trustee candidate Masako Gooch, council candidate Trustee Daniel Boisvert, Trustee Val Windsor, council candidate Trustee Jessie Dosanjh, Coun. Dylan Kruger, trustee candidates Nimmi Daula, Ammen Dhillon and Joe Muego, and Coun. Alicia Guichon.

Mayor George Harvie announced his full slate of Achieving for Delta candidates at a campaign event Tuesday evening.

In addition to councillors Alicia Guichon and Dylan Kruger, who announced their candidacies last week, Harvie’s team features several of returning Achieving for Delta candidates elected in 2018, including school trustees Erica Beard, Daniel Boisvert and Jessie Dosanjh —the latter two running for positions on council this go-around.

“Over the last four years, I have worked to deliver on record investments while keeping taxes low and Delta debt-free,” Harvie said in a press release. “I’m proud of our achievements, but there is much more to do. It’s time to elect a full team of Achieving for Delta council and school board candidates to continue moving our community forward.”

Harvie, who announced his intention to seek a second term in October, said his team represents a wide range of experience, ages and backgrounds, with strong representation from both North and South Delta.

“Every single one of our candidates is qualified and ready to lead. I am incredibly proud of the full team that we have assembled,” Harvie said.

Joining Guichon, Kruger, Boisvert and Dosanjh on Harvie’s slate for council are parks and recreation commissioner Rod Binder and local businesswoman Jennifer Johal.

Kruger, in press release announcing the full slate of candidates, said he was excited to get to work under Harvie’s leadership.

“George Harvie has assembled the most diverse and qualified team in our city’s history,” Kruger said. “Under Mayor Harvie’s leadership, our team is organized, motivated and ready to work hard to win the support of Delta residents.”

Leading Harvie’s school board slate is three-time trustee and current board chair Val Windsor.

“For the past three elections I have run as an independent. This is the first time in my career that I have run with a team,” Windsor said in a press release. “George Harvie knows how to bring people together and I am proud to be running on his team. It is vital that council and school board continue to work together to deliver on needed projects for our community.”

In addition to Windsor and Beard, Achieving for Delta trustee candidates include Sher-E-Punjab Radio host Nimmi Daula, registered clinical counsellor Dr. Ammen Dhillon, community advocate Masako Gooch, chartered director Maury Kask and architect and former Delta District PAC chair Joe Muego.

Harvie plans to lay out a comprehensive platform over the coming months that will “focus on low taxes, safer communities, keeping families and seniors together, and achieving investment for a more livable and climate-resilient Delta,” according to a press release.

“Our team is ready to hit the ground running,” Harvie said. “Starting this week, we will be knocking on doors across Delta to spread the news and ask for our community’s support. Delta is one of the best communities in Canada to live and raise a family. Together, let’s make it number one.”

The municipal election will be held on Oct. 15.

Read the bios submitted for all the Achieving For Delta candidates below…

Achieving for Delta mayoral candidate George Harvie. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta mayoral candidate George Harvie. (submitted photo)

George Harvie, candidate for mayor

After serving nearly 20 years as Delta’s city manager, George Harvie was elected to his first term as mayor of the City of Delta in October 2018, on a promise to deliver leadership on Delta’s most pressing priorities. George is running for re-election in 2022 to continue working towards his goal of Delta being recognized as the best place to live, work and raise a family in Canada.

As the mayor of Delta, George has maintained his reputation as a leader who gets things done, cutting through bureaucratic red tape and delivering results to achieve safe, livable and vibrant communities for Delta. George has been delivering high-value investments for the community, working hard to keep young families and seniors in Delta and support our community’s most vulnerable residents, all while keeping taxes among the lowest in the Lower Mainland. A strong advocate for the Delta community, George has been successful in bringing the right people together to deliver benefits for Delta, including securing millions of dollars in provincial and federal funding for Delta projects.

Delta was in the right hands when the pandemic hit. George successfully steered the city through tumultuous financial times. Thanks to responsible fiscal management under his leadership, Delta was able to respond to the COVID-19 crisis quickly to support residents and local businesses without incurring any debt.

George feels called to continue to deliver leadership for Delta. There is more to do, especially with regards to protection for the environment, and fostering an inclusive community to ensure future generations can grow up free from discrimination.

Delta has been home for George and his wife Gillian for over four decades and is where they raised their son Tim and daughter Taryn. In his spare time, George enjoys spending time with his granddaughter and rescue dog Bella, staying active and being by the water with family and friends.

Achieving for Delta council candidate Rod Binder. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta council candidate Rod Binder. (submitted photo)

Rod Binder, candidate for council

For over 30 years, Rod Binder has been living in Delta and giving back to the community where he and his wife raised their two now-adult children. Rod is running for Delta council to continue his record of service to the community.

Rod has served as director on corporate and numerous non-profit boards over the last 15 years. By appointment of mayor and council, Rod served on the North Delta Area Planning Committee, currently serves as vice-president of Deltassist, treasurer of the Delta Police Foundation, and as a Delta Parks, Rec and Culture commissioner. Professionally, Rod is a senior business development executive with over 30 years of experience managing marketing and brand building programs for Fortune 500 companies all over North America.

Rod has engaged with many of Delta’s residents and leaders. He has had an intimate exposure to Delta’s recreational, development and social fabric through his extensive experience with Delta organizations. This uniquely positions him to guide Delta’s priorities. Rod is running on a commitment to bring a thoughtful and intentional approach to addressing challenges with development, social service delivery and continued improvement of Delta’s Parks and Recreation infrastructure. As a long-time resident of Delta, he truly cares about the unique, and in so many ways, diverse community. He is eager to listen, guide and to be part of the future. He wants a community that is safe and vibrant which keeps young families and seniors in Delta.

In his spare time, Rod enjoys cycling, traveling, and taking on “his wife’s” home improvement projects.

Achieving for Delta council candidate Daniel Boisvert. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta council candidate Daniel Boisvert. (submitted photo)

Daniel Boisvert, candidate for council

A successful Notary Public with a practice in his hometown, Daniel is a lifelong Delta resident with a passion for his community and dedication to moving Delta forward. Daniel lives with his family in South Delta and has two children who, like he did, attend public school in Delta.

Daniel has a proven track record in managing large budgets and complex boards. In 2018, he was elected as a trustee to the Delta Board of Education on a commitment to bringing good governance to the school board. For the past two years, Daniel has served as vice-chair of the school board, ensuring every dollar available is invested back into our students, athletes and the classroom. Daniel also serves as president of the board of the BC Notaries Association,a director of the Heron Hospice Society of Delta, and previously served three terms as a director of the Society of Notaries Public.

Through his work as a notary in our community, Daniel speaks to residents every day about matters related to their properties, families and lives in Delta. His deeply personal understanding of local issues, paired with his sharp business acumen and board experience, uniquely position Daniel as a leader and advocate for Delta. Daniel sees his bid for council as a natural next step in his service to the community.

When not in his office, Daniel can be found spending time with family, golfing, curling or cycling.

Achieving for Delta council candidate Jessie Dosanjh. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta council candidate Jessie Dosanjh. (submitted photo)

Jessie Dosanjh, candidate for council

Jessie Dosanjh is a high-performance athletic coach who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to providing youth with the skills they need to succeed in sports, education and as citizens of their community. A resident of Delta for nearly 40 years with his wife Harinder, Jessie raised his three children in Delta and has deep ties to the community.

Jessie is a co-founder and head coach of the Universal Athletics Club, which began in 2000 with two athletes and has grown into a renowned program with over 200 athletes. He has developed athletes competing at provincial, national and international levels and has coached Team BC athletics for national, junior and senior championships. He has coached athletes who have competed on the world stage, but the most rewarding part of coaching for Jessie is not winning titles, but in the positive impact made on the lives of youth in Delta.

In 2018, Jessie was elected to the Delta school board on a commitment to advocate for programs and facilities that set students up for success and keep them away from negative influences such as drugs and gangs. Jessie’s dedication to the community has been recognized several times over, including receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award, being recognized by Black Press Media for his excellence in community leadership, and being named Executive of the Year by BC Athletics multiple times and Coach of the Year in 2018.

Jessie is running for council to continue his long record of service to the community as an advocate for a safe, healthy and active Delta.

Achieving for Delta council candidate Alicia Guichon. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta council candidate Alicia Guichon. (submitted photo)

Alicia Guichon, candidate for council

A fifth-generation farmer and entrepreneur, Coun. Alicia Guichon comes from a long line of Ladner farmers. The lineage continues, as she welcomed her first child in 2020 with husband Jeff. Born and raised in Ladner, Alicia continues to call Ladner home with her young family and rescue dogs, Gracie and Lilly.

Alicia is passionate about the preservation of agricultural land and keeping farming viable as a local industry in Delta. A strong advocate for the agricultural community, Alicia serves as the chair of the City of Delta’s Agricultural Advisory Committee and on the board of the Delta Farmer’s Institute. Since 2018, Alicia Guichon has served on Delta council.

Alicia is deeply embedded in the Delta community. She opened Backroads Family Farm Market with her sister in 2014, where they sell seasonal local produce and pride themselves on connecting the community with where their food comes from. Delta’s heritage is important to Alicia and her family — in fact, the Port Guichon neighbourhood and school were named after her family.

You’re likely to run into Alicia at the Ladner Village Market selling produce, at community events or while she’s out volunteering in the community. Being a farmer and small business owner allows Alicia to connect with the community on an everyday basis and she sees her role as a councillor as a natural extension of this. Alicia is running for re-election to continue to be a voice for everyday people on council and help make decisions for a thriving Delta community.

Achieving for Delta council candidate Jennifer Johal. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta council candidate Jennifer Johal. (submitted photo)

Jennifer Johal, candidate for council

Jennifer Johal is a mother of two, an educator and a Delta businesswoman. Jennifer is running on a commitment to being a bridge between community members and their local government and an advocate for their views on council.

A former elementary school teacher, Jennifer made the leap into business management when she took over administration of the family business, Raja Trailer, here in Tilbury. She brings a deep understanding of the needs of the local business community. Carving out a place for herself as a woman in a male-dominated industry has been a journey that she is proud to have modeled for her daughter. Jennifer is passionate about diversity and wants to be a part of ensuring that our decision makers in Delta are representative of the community that they serve.

Jennifer believes in Mayor George Harvie’s vision for a safe, livable and inclusive Delta and is eager to bring her humility, grit and passion for her community to the Achieving for Delta team. She is committed to achieving thriving and revitalized communities in Delta where generations are kept together.

In her free time, when she’s not at her kids’ sports games and activities, Jennifer enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing a round of golf or enjoying an evening at one of her favourite local restaurants.

Achieving for Delta council candidate Dylan Kruger. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta council candidate Dylan Kruger. (submitted photo)

Dylan Kruger, candidate for council

In 2018, Dylan Kruger became the youngest elected city councillor in the history of Delta.

Dylan is passionate about improving livability in Delta to keep young families and seniors in our community, protecting the environment and supporting our local businesses.

In his first term on council, Dylan was proud to put forward a motion to allow restaurants to install expanded patios, first on a temporary basis, and now permanently. He also pushed to install new pilot projects, including the successful pop-up park program and the responsible liquor consumption program in select Delta parks.

As a soon-to-be father, Dylan is running on a re-energized commitment to advocate for families at the council table and make thoughtful decisions to shape Delta for his daughter and generations to come.

He is eager to continue working to revitalize Delta’s town centres and create lively hubs of commercial and community activity where young people have access to diverse housing options, amenities and social opportunities. Continuing to deliver off-leash dog parks and infrastructure for dogs and their owners is another important piece of Dylan’s vision for a livable and vibrant Delta.

Dylan believes that local government should be accessible and accountable to everyone. He is a supporter of initiatives to make government more transparent and efficient. Respect for tax dollars is important, which is why Dylan has voted to keep taxes low and Delta debt-free.

Born and raised in Delta, you will often find Dylan walking around Watershed Park with his wife Katie and dog Kobe or frequenting one of Delta’s outstanding local craft breweries.

Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Erica Beard. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Erica Beard. (submitted photo)

Erica Beard, candidate for school trustee

A lifelong Delta resident, Erica Beard is a passionate advocate for healthy and active communities where families can thrive. She is a registered nurse with experience in a wide variety of healthcare fields including clinical practice and education.

In 2018, she was elected to the Delta school board with the Achieving for Delta team on a commitment to being a voice for young families. Erica has spent the last four years listening to the community, strengthening relationships, taking feedback to heart and passionately representing the best interests of Delta. She is running for re-election to continue to build on the board’s achievements over the last four years and continue to advance key priorities, including improving accessibility, inclusivity and health and wellness of the school environment.

In her free time, Erica enjoys staying active, hiking and hosting game nights with friends and family. You’re likely to run into Erica, her husband Jordan and their two young daughters at a community event accompanied by their dog Dexter.

Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Nimmi Daula. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Nimmi Daula. (submitted photo)

Nimmi Daula, candidate for school trustee

Nimmi Daula is a local radio personality, community advocate and mother. With a master’s degree in agriculture and horticulture and Plant Doctor designation, Nimmi’s professional trajectory took a 180-degree turn when she was scouted by a local radio station and discovered her passion for media. Nimmi hosts a daily 11 a.m. infotainment radio show on Sher-E-Punjab Radio where she speaks with guests, subject matter experts and listeners about their everyday life in our community.

On her show, Nimmi promotes a sense of community among her senior listeners who express feeling isolated and plans are underway to bring her listeners together in-person for multi generational activities. Her desire to strengthen social bonds and help people in the community is also demonstrated by her long-standing involvement with a local Rotary Club, where she is president-elect for 2023-2024. Nimmi brings a deep understanding of the community’s interests to her bid for school trustee and a commitment to continuing to give back to Delta.

Nimmi and her husband, Kamaljit, continue to raise their two sons in Delta. As a family, they enjoy watching basketball, going on road trips and hikes, and trying new local restaurants from different cultures.

Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Ammen Dhillon. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Ammen Dhillon. (submitted photo)

Ammen Dhillon, candidate for school trustee

Dr. Ammen Dhillon is a registered clinical counsellor and mother with a passion for fostering school environments where students can thrive. Before becoming a clinical counsellor, Ammen was a research scientist in the biotech industry for 20 years investigating new treatments for a range of chronic and infectious diseases, and holds a PhD from the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at UBC. During grad school, Ammen was part of the team of scientists who worked with Dr. Pieter Cullis to pioneer the development of the drug delivery technology that enabled the use of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.

Informed by a profound understanding of psychological development, Ammen is passionate about putting the correct conditions in place to foster a school environment that produces creative and resilient people capable of developing innovative technologies that will solve the challenges we face as a society. Ammen is keen to bring her academic and clinical experience to the school board and help shape a school system that enables every student to reach their full potential.

A longtime Delta resident, Ammen and her husband have two children who attend Delta schools and she serves as director and grant committee chair on the board of the Delta Community Foundation. When she is not working or studying, Ammen enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, reading, doing yoga or spending time in the pottery studio working with clay. She is a member of the North Delta Potters Guild, and her work is featured at the Douglas J. Husband Discovery Centre near City Hall.

Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Masako Gooch. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Masako Gooch. (submitted photo)

Masako Gooch, candidate for school trustee

A facilitator of community dialogue, Masako Gooch is a fierce community advocate for diversity, equality and closing the gap on disparities in health and education. She is eager to bring this passion and her skillset as a consensus-builder to the Delta school board. Masako is driven to bring fresh ideas to the table and build on the school board’s progress towards enriching the school environment for all children in Delta, including her young children who will soon enter the system.

A true animal lover, Masako spent much of her career as a registered veterinary technician before redirecting her passion as an educator in health care and deciding to go back to school to become a nurse. Masako is a busy mom to three young children, but she still makes time to stay active by running and training for triathlons, gardening and horseback riding.

Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Maury Kask. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Maury Kask. (submitted photo)

Maury Kask, candidate for school trustee

Maury Kask is a seasoned executive leader and board director with more than 35 years of experience spanning global multinational companies to local high-tech start-ups, and across a wide range of diverse business environments. Maury is a graduate of Simon Fraser University and holds a Chartered Director designation, which certifies his skills as a high-performing director capable of fulfilling the fiduciary and strategic responsibilities placed on boards.

Throughout his career, Maury has remained steadfast in his commitment to making a positive impact in his community. He has served on a variety of both for-profit and not-for-profit boards over the years, including nearly four years as a director on the Delta Hospital Foundation board. He currently holds positions on the governor’s council for the Vancouver Foundation and as a director (and chair of governance) for the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE).

Maury understands the vital role of boards in guiding strategy, prioritizing scarce resources and finding equitable outcomes for the stakeholders that the board serves. He is keen to apply his skills to a board that will have maximal positive impact for his community, and he sees the school trustee role and one of the best ways to have this effect.

Maury’s personal passions include golf, staying active and adventure travel, with Southern Africa holding a special space in his and his wife Kelly’s hearts.

Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Joe Muego. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Joe Muego. (submitted photo)

Joe Muego, candidate for school trustee

While an architect by profession, Joe Muego is also a long-time dedicated volunteer in Delta with a strong sense of civic duty. Joe is passionate about fostering an educational environment that prepares students with real options to meaningfully contribute to their communities.

When Joe and his wife Gina’s oldest of two sons entered kindergarten, Joe made a commitment to be involved in their schools. For the last 14 years, Joe has served in executive positions in elementary and secondary schools, most often as PAC chair or vice-chair. His service carried over to the Delta District PAC where he sat as vice-chair and ultimately chair, representing parents of all 31 public schools in Delta to the school board, superintendent and to other education stakeholders.

Joe’s civic volunteerism in Delta, compliments his school experience and ties together a rich understanding of local governance. His civic appointments include area plan committees, zoning advisory groups, and as an architect on the Advisory Design Panel providing advice to Delta council on larger-scale development projects.

Joe is running for school board to continue his proven record of service to Delta as an advocate for healthy schools and healthy communities, and to champion the importance of parent engagement.

Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Val Windsor. (submitted photo)
Achieving for Delta school trustee candidate Val Windsor. (submitted photo)

Val Windsor, candidate for school trustee

As an advocate for public education for the last 50 years, serving in many different capacities in the education community, Val Windsor’s passion for Delta’s public school system remains unwavering. She is running for re-election to a fourth term as a school trustee to carry on with her long record of service to the community and to bring her extensive experience and unique perspective in continuing to advance the key initiatives of the board’s Vision 2030.

A self-proclaimed “life-long learner,” Val is a retired teacher, past president of the Delta Teachers’ Association, former BC Teachers Federation executive member, and an 11-year school trustee. She has dedicated her life to making schools and the greater community in Delta a better place for all, including advocacy for seniors as co-chair of the Delta Seniors Planning Team.

Val serves on the Indigenous Education and Inclusive Education committees in the Delta School District and is past chair of the Metro Vancouver English Language Learners (ELL) Consortium, a group that advocates for services for immigrant and refugee students. She is proud of the achievements of her past terms, which included delivery of the purpose-built Delta Community College building, the work the school district is doing toward Truth and Reconciliation, and improving graduation rates among Indigenous students. There is always more work to be done, and Val would be honoured to continue to bring her passion, energy and time to serving Delta as a school trustee.

Val has been endorsed by the New Westminster and District Labour Council.

In her spare time, Val enjoys volunteering at her church, engaging in community organizing and spending time with her family, which includes her husband George, their children and grandchildren.

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