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High-risk sex offender back in custody

James Conway was arrested by transit police in Surrey after allegedly breaching his conditions of release.
James Conway

High-risk sex offender James Conway is back in jail after allegedly breaching his conditions of his release from prison 10 days ago.

Conway, 40, who had been in jail for breaching his release conditions while on the transit system in April of 2014, was being monitored by members of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police's Crime Reduction Unit to ensure the safety of transit customers.

Police say on Tuesday morning, Conway who had been residing at a halfway house in Surrey since his release Feb. 9 boarded a bus at the Surrey Central bus loop and sat down on a double seat beside a 14-year-old girl, even though other seats were available.

Conway was released from prison with 27 conditions including not sitting next to any person on TransLink property who appears to be under the age of 18.

While travelling Tuesday, he also did not have a copy of his conditions – also a breach.

Conway was arrested without incident by transit police. He is scheduled to appear in Surrey Provincial Court today.

According to BC Corrections, Conway has a criminal history which includes sexual interference of (a) person under 16, sexual assault, arson damaging property, fail to comply with disposition and breach of recognizance.

"He has maintained a versatile pattern of sexual offending against female children in a predatory and opportunistic manner," BC Corrections said in a release.

In April of 2014, Conway drew the attention of another SkyTrain passenger when he was staring at young girls, looking down the front of their shirts and engaging them in conversation by producing a teddy bear. He was wearing a fire department hat and golf shirt at the time.

The witness reported this to transit police and pointed Conway out. He was arrested, charged and convicted of breaching his conditions of release and sentenced to 10 months in jail and three years of probation.