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Provincial election possible for fall: Hogg

Surrey-White Rock MLA Gordon Hogg speaks at a South Surrey and White Rock Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week.

In addition to heading to federal and municipal polls this year, Surrey-White Rock MLA Gordon Hogg says he wouldn’t be surprised if the local electorate faces a provincial election in between.

As guest speaker at a South Surrey and White Rock Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week, Hogg speculated Premier Christy Clark might hold a general election in the fall – just months after casting votes May 2 for national leaders, and prior to the Nov. 19 civic election.

With the date for a provincial election previously set for 2013, a byelection to fill former premier Gordon Campbell’s vacant seat has to be called six months from his March 14 resignation date, Hogg explained to the business crowd gathered at Royal Canadian Legion Crescent Branch 240.

A general election called beforehand, however, would negate the need for a byelection.

“I think clearly one would want to consult the polls and see how we’re doing, but if we’re doing well, Christy has made a commitment during her leadership campaign she would hold an election earlier… The longest you could (wait to) do it would take you to Sept. 14,” Hogg later told Peace Arch News, noting that an election campaign would run for 28 days after that.

“If she had to run in two elections back to back, that would be pretty rigorous.

“If it was easier for her to not run in a byelection… one of the options would clearly be to look at running in the fall.

“So that’s kind of speculation with respect to what might happen.”

Hogg told PAN he wanted to point out in his speech how tumultuous a government’s situation can be, and how quickly that can change.

“That was one of the more dramatic shifts that had taken place (with the Liberals), and certainly a lot of it occurred with the resignation of Gordon Campbell and the positive shift that happened when Christy was elected.”

Hogg also spoke on his initiatives as the parliamentary secretary responsible for social innovation, volunteerism and non-profits, and social media and technology’s impact on society.