South Surrey resident Anita Snyder won $2 million in the June 26 BC/49 draw. (BCLC photo)

South Surrey resident Anita Snyder won $2 million in the June 26 BC/49 draw. (BCLC photo)

South Surrey woman wins $2 million in BC/49 draw

Anita Snyder ‘didn’t sleep much’ this long weekend after discovering her jackpot Saturday morning

A South Surrey woman is the latest big winner, after hitting the jackpot in last Wednesday’s BC/49 draw.

Anita Snyder said she discovered the windfall on Saturday morning, after scanning her ticket with her cellphone.

But it was a few days before the reality of her $2 million win sunk in.

It was “when they showed me that big cheque,” Snyder told Peace Arch News Tuesday morning from the BCLC office.

“I couldn’t sleep much this weekend.”

Snyder, 52, said she bought the ticket at the Morgan Crossing London Drugs on June 25. The purchase wasn’t part of the trust accountant’s regular routine, however.

She and her husband, Charles, have lived in the area for the past five years and pick them up “when we remember, or it’s convenient… or there isn’t a line,” she said.

After seeing the $2 million figure on her cellphone Saturday morning, they “just kind of looked at each other, stunned,” she said.

“We just couldn’t believe it.”

Snyder said she was actually a little annoyed that she hadn’t checked the ticket earlier – “I was a millionaire on Thursday and Friday, but I didn’t know it.”

Snyder said the couple kept the news to themselves until after posing with the large, promotional cheque on Tuesday morning.

Speaking with PAN shortly after, she said she hasn’t made any big plans to retire at this point.

She did have some advice for others who buy lottery tickets, however, including don’t wait to sign them.

“I learned that if I lost that ticket, anyone can take it if it’s not signed,” she said.

And, “you can’t win if you don’t buy.”