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UPDATE: Spooked rescue puppy with ‘really sad backstory’ found in Surrey by Pet Searchers

New to Canada from Mexico, Suki ‘went on quite a journey’ for 2 days in Fleetwood area
Suki, a 10-month-old Belgian Shepherd, went missing in Fleetwood on Saturday, just a few hours after she arrived in Vancouver from Mexico, and was located Monday by Pet Searchers Canada. (Submitted photo)

This story has been updated

Missing for two days, just hours after arriving in Canada, Suki the rescue dog is back at her new home in Surrey after being found by local pet detectives.

On Saturday morning (Oct. 29), the 10-month-old Belgian Shepherd was brought from Mexico to a couple’s home in the Fleetwood area, where she later escaped her harness, became frightened and bolted, in the area of 83 Avenue and 159 Street.

Media outlets were alerted by West Coast Paws Dog Rescue, a non-profit that brings dogs from shelters in Mexico to “forever homes” in the Vancouver area.

“We are 100% volunteer run and do not have a physical shelter, so we only bring dogs here once we have an approved adopter,” noted Zoe Yoxall in an email.

Monday afternoon (Oct. 31), Suki was found with the help of Pet Searchers Canada, who used infrared cameras to locate the lost puppy for adopters Matthew Henderson and Jelena.

“She went on quite a journey,” Henderson explained. “They found her about a 15-minute walk from where we lost her, which included an ambitious cross of Fraser Highway.

“Pet Searchers is incredible,” Henderson added. “They will not let up until they bring the pup home and they use only civilized methods to ensure the dog isn’t traumatized. Great people doing a great thing.”


It’s a happy ending for Suki, who has “a really sad backstory,” Yoxall emailed Monday.

“She had adenovirus, parvovirus, and then intestinal parasites. All of this left her with 70% hearing in her left ear and 70% vision in her left eye. She was one of the first dogs that Hannah and I tried to find a home for when we first started this non-profit back in May, and we were losing hope over finding her a home.”

Lucky for Suki, an “amazing” application came in from adopters Matt and Jelena.

“It really did seem like it was meant to be. They had been wanting to rescue a dog for so long, and the timing seemed to finally line up with their lives,” Yoxall explained.

“We got Suki on the first flight we could, and myself and my co-founder Hannah met Matt and Jelena early Saturday morning at (the Vancouver airport) to pick up Suki.”

The new-to-Canada puppy was “so sweet and gentle coming out of the crate, and she seemed to have an instant bond with Jelena. Matt and Jelena then took her home.”

But Saturday evening, Suki bolted.

The adopters later hired Al Maclellan from Pet Searchers Canada to help find their dog. “He has cameras, traps and bloodhounds out looking for Suki, but no luck so far,” Yoxall reported early Monday.

“We are also doing everything we can with social media efforts to try to get Suki’s face out there. With so much foot traffic tonight (Monday), since it’s Halloween, we’re hoping that someone will spot her.”

Suki really deserves her second, and now third, chance at a new life, Yoxall added.

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