Don’t suffer in silence


Re: ER experience a gamble, July 9 letters.


Re: ER experience a gamble, July 9 letters.

Anyone who had to visit one of the ERs in recent years will have had the same experience as letter-writer Larry W. Bennett.

Unfortunately Fraser Health – at least in our area – is not addressing this issue seriously or is unable to influence health ministry adequately.

I wonder where Bennett hit ‘the jackpot’ the next morning – he was admitted and had a heart monitor plugged in and a bed within minutes.

For example, the ER attendance to the Delta Hospital has increased during the last year by more than 25 per cent, but the ER doctor coverage has not changed since 2010 – one doctor in the morning and in the evening, supported by one more during the daytime.

Though also other hospitals seem to be in the same situation, the Vancouver Coastal Health and the Vancouver Island Health Authorities seem to be able to “pry” more money, also still insufficient, from the government.

One way of trying to improve the situation is by sending a message to the MLA and the B.C. government and expressing the frustration of this service.

The more citizens write, the better the chances are to get the priorities changed or at least to get attention.

Website will assist you in sending this message.

Klaus Kittel, Surrey