Enlightened and concerned


The film called The Yes Men Fix The World shown on Jan. 21 by the White Rock Social Justice Film Society was excellent, and the discussion afterwards was equally enlightening.

These two men in the movie were trying to fix the world, with their imaginations actually taking on situations of greed and dishonesty with great persistence and courage, which was something to behold.

I can’t say they fixed the world, but they certainly made us more aware who is running our world and how they are doing it – it is large corporations and the super wealthy.

One of the insights for me came from the audience discussion after we viewed the film, and that was about the “Bilderberg Group.”

This is a group not many know about. It is a group of political and financial leaders of the world who are the super wealthy who meet once a year since l945 in secret to plan the world’s happenings before they take place.

It lead me to read my husband’s book when I got home, and I am astounded!

The book is called The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, by Daniel Estulin. I urge you to read it.

It might raise the questions, are we really living in a democratic society, and how do we vote in the next election to change the system?

Margaret McLachlan, White Rock