Few benefit at our expense


Re: Casino foes up the ante, Nov. 6.


Re: Casino foes up the ante, Nov. 6.

The Peace Arch News story about the proposed $100-million casino, hotel and convention centre on 168 Street is shocking news indeed.

As a 20-year South Surrey/White Rock resident and businessman, I am dismayed that this project is being given consideration.

I never thought I would be writing a NIMBY letter, but given the situation and spin certain groups are using to promote the project, I can’t help but stand up and voice concern.

While the business plan probably makes this project viable, the qualitative aspect of the development clearly makes this an undesirable business and business location.

The need to create jobs and economic growth is paramount, but the overriding blight a casino hotel brings to our community destroys all that we have come to enjoy about living and working in South Surrey.

A convention centre and casino in a primarily bedroom/residential area will deteriorate the quality of life. This project does not enrich residents, rather it benefits a chosen few at the expense of residents.

It will overwhelm infrastructure and policing resources. The jobs created are mostly marginal low-paying service jobs. Is promoting gambling the best way to create jobs?

There is nothing wrong with development, but a project needs to fit into the fabric of the community with a transparent plan and vision.

The news of this development has been slow to reach residents. Why is that? Is the civic vision for South Surrey to become another Burnaby?

This casino hotel is clearly the wrong location and the wrong business for the citizens of Surrey as a whole. Our civic leaders need to do the right thing and stop this project.

Drew Fernandes, Surrey