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Re. Alarmists ignore essential truths, April 25 letters.


Re. Alarmists ignore essential truths, April 25 letters.

Did geologist Jan Christoffersen miss the last 30 years of scientific journals? How is it that at least nine in 10 scientists disagree with him?

Why would those scientists want to be “propagandists” as he calls them? What would they have to gain?

Sure, they might possibly be wrong, but that has always been the nature of science. Does it mean we should all reject what scientists keep trying to tell us about climate change and conveniently listen to the very few who say otherwise?

When letter-writer Christoffersen dismisses humanity’s impact on climate change by stating carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it’s like saying it’s safe to walk in front of a speeding train because the impact isn’t poisonous.

Anyone who has taken just a little time to read about man-made climate change understands it’s not the toxicity of CO2 that’s a concern – it’s simply that too much of it in our atmosphere diminishes the Earth’s natural ability to release heat.

Larry Colero, White Rock

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Another truth about myths of global warming:

In remote parts of the world, a volcano erupts almost every month. Depending on the eruption, it could take humans a year or longer to create the same pollution.

Nature is more polluting and climate changing than we are.

J.B. Latham, Surrey