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LETTER: A cloud over Sunnyside Acres



In 1988 land became available here in South Surrey in Sunnyside Acres, and was made available to Surrey Parks & Recreation for development of an athletic park. This news brought hope to all sports groups youth and senior organizations who now saw land provided for a athletic park to fill the needs of a growing and vibrant community.

It happened, but not overnight. It took several years of negotiating with the Surrey Parks & Recreation by user groups and the hundreds of local volunteers etc., before the foundation of this park was finally in place now for others to build on.

At this time what I saw happening was the coming together of a vibrant, growing community the outdoor and indoor organizations enjoying what we know now as South Surrey Athletic Park. A place for our children and grandchildren, parents and visitors to enjoy in a healthy and safe environment.

What I did not see coming is what occurred on July 30, and how this fatal shooting has now caused concern to visitors and locals alike when visiting South Surrey Athletic Park.

Once considered a safe park to visit and to enjoy its many amenities, there are now clouds over Sunnyside Acres.

Bill Iley, White Rock