LETTER: ‘Crime wave’ sweeping South Surrey neighbourhood

Vandalized inukshuk just latest example of ongoing problem


Is the inukshuk in the park at 156 Street and King George the latest victim in the crime wave sweeping this neighbourhood?

In the 10 weeks since homeless people have been housed in the Grandview Inn (2160 King George Blvd.), the surrounding neighbours (mostly seniors) have been subjected to ongoing incidents of vandalism – kicking down fences to gain access to property, nightly prowling among homes, thefts from cars, sheds and carports – and are apparently powerless to stop it.

Appeals to the RCMP have been ineffective, as the people are known to police but cannot be charged or prosecuted. Instead, we are told to keep track of incidents and report them.

Today (July 24), we discovered the inukshuk has been completely torn apart and left scattered on the ground. A fitting symbol for the current state of our neighbourhood.

Joan Cosford, South Surrey

Letter to the Editor