LETTER: Make streets a spending priority

LETTER: Make streets a spending priority


Re: City seeks feedback on how to spend $13 million, Jan. 10

I realize from this article that there will be a meeting on Jan. 20 at the White Rock Community Centre regarding the $13 million.

I noticed one thing missing in the newspaper article – streets.

When is the city going to put some money and effort into fixing some of the awful streets that exist in this town?

Examples would be:

Pacific from State to Maple Street – potholes and broken edges.

Thrift from Best to Stayte – like riding over a washboard.

Best Street from Russell to North Bluff – washboard.

Prospect from Foster to Johnston – been like it is since the dark ages.

There are others. Just ask around.

Parks, piers and funiculars are very nice, but in this modern age, many of us are driving reasonably expensive motor vehicles and it would be nice if we could drive them on roads that didn’t beat them up because road maintenance seems to be low on the list of important things that need to be done.

Also on a side note, when someone builds a house that requires sewer pipes across the road, they should be required to use the tunnelling procedure that’s available rather than digging a channel across the road then doing a half-baked job of filling it in so that eventually there is another washboard road. They never come back to top it up and make it level.

Very annoying.

Roger Currie, White Rock