LETTER: Principled stand commended


Re: White Rock council to boycott Chinese-sponsored reception at UBCM, Sept. 18.

I would like to commend all members of White Rock City Council for their principled stand against attending the get-together with Chinese officials at the Union of B.C. Municipalities gathering this week.

Under the leadership of Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West and White Rock Coun. Anthony Manning, it is refreshing to see people of influence in this community finally standing up to this subtle but real threat from Beijing’s leaders.

This is obviously “cash-for-access,” and any person who attends the Chinese get-together should be ashamed of themselves. They are either extremely naive or wilfully blind. One needs only to open your eyes to see how the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing is attempting to spread its influence locally, in Canada and internationally.

From the kidnapping in China of innocent Canadians, to its unfair trading practices, to intellectual property theft, to pro-Beijing supporters threatening Hong Kong supporters right here in Vancouver, Toronto and other Canadian cities, it should be obvious what is going on. Beware the fifth column…

An excellent book on the subject by journalist Jonathan Manthorpe, Claws of the Panda, Beijing’s Campaign of Influence and Intimidation in Canada, details China’s ambitions, and should be read by all people of influence in this country.

Again, well done to White Rock City Council!

Robert Kimmerly, South Surrey