LETTER: Rush hour activity in Campbell Heights suggests fewer jobs than advertised


I would like to know if (SBOT CEO) Anita Huberman and Mayor Doug McCallum seriously think that employment opportunities will abound as a result of expanding industry into the environmentally sensitive South Campbell Heights area.

The warehousing/business area already in existence in Campbell Heights appears to employ few, judging by the levels of activity – or the absence of – at the beginning and end of shifts on any working day.

My guess is that these building are mechanized and robotized to the point where little actual manual labour is required, perhaps a manager or two, a supervisor, a few labourers employed at minimum wage.

I would like to know just how much “meaningful employment” would be lost, should the development be stalled. And, Ms. Huberman and Mayor McCallum, are these the jobs you wish to see your sons, daughters and grandchildren occupying?

My wish for my grandchildren is that green spaces abound, that salmon and other wildlife be protected, and that we all in Surrey be spared further sprawling development; let us retain some common sense. We are already deprived of any sense of order and beauty in Surrey in favor of urban sprawl as we sacrifice forest and woodland in favor of development. When will we ever learn?

K.J.Watson, Surrey

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