LETTER: Thanks to Zoomer columnist April Lewis for a much-needed chuckle

Technology serves a purpose but it’s much too invasive


Re: ‘There’s an app for that, but I’m not interested’ Oct. 28 column

I just wanted to send a note of thank you to April Lewis to thank her for sharing for sharing her thoughts on this issue.

Technology serves a purpose, but these days it is just too invasive. At least for me. I like computer apps, for playing games, and chatting with facebook friends. But I don’t want an app to be involved in determining my vaccine status.

I thought it was humorous, how April described that the person who checked her QR code – the waitress – turned out to be unvaccinated, but April says she had a nice chat with her. And didn’t go on and on squabbling and self-righteously lecturing about young people not getting vaccinated.

I really enjoyed reading her article. And I also am having lots of problems with adapting to the new world, with the QR code passports, reading newspaper on video screen, ArriveCan, etc.

It just doesn’t feel right. And younger people don’t understand my angst about it.

Thank you for sharing your humorous perspective on this issue. Gave me a much needed chuckle!

Colin Fletcher, White Rock

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