LETTERS: 16 Avenue a speedway all day, every day

RCMP encouraged to do more spot checks along busy route


Re: “May traffic stops double April’s: White Rock RCMP,” June 17

I applaud these traffic stops on Marine Drive and the east end of North Bluff Road, however there is another area that requires attention, namely North Bluff Road east of Nichol and Bishop Roads.

We are close to 142 Street on the Surrey side of 16 Avenue/North Bluff Road. We have lived in this house for a long time and realize that 16 Avenue is a busy road and we have to expect some road noise.

However this area seems to have developed into a “speedway.”

It used to be mainly evenings and weekends, but lately it seems to be all day, every day. While the noise of some vehicles is extremely annoying and completely unnecessary, the real concern is the excessive speed.

There is a very busy pedestrian crosswalk at Phoenix/142 Street. This crosswalk is not only used by children going to and from Bayridge Elementary School, but on evenings and weekends by families going to the play ground at the school and people crossing to the 350 bus stop.

The speed some of these vehicles are going – well, good luck to them trying to stop in time for pedestrians in the crosswalk. It does not paint a pretty picture.

I would like to see increased road-safety spot checks to prevent a tragedy.

Diane D. Preston, South Surrey

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