LETTERS: A little perspective in order during pandemic

LETTERS: A little perspective in order during pandemic


To the people who complain about being stuck in their homes with bored children – who they believe should be allowed to go to parks and participate in other outdoor activities – you may want to consider the Jews who hid in attics for up to two years during the Holocaust.

They had a bucket in a corner for a toilet that was emptied only once per day if they were lucky. They had to be quiet at all times and could never go outside and run around and play. They had no games to play, no electronic gadgets and no way of communicating with the outside world – no way of knowing if their missing family members were dead or alive.

I suggest that perhaps this is a good time for parents to teach your children to think about how fortunate they are to live in the present time and know that they will survive this pandemic.

During the Holocaust, the people in hiding never knew from one day to the next if they would actually survive.

Consider the thousands of families currently in refugee camps. I bet they wish that they had a home to be stuck in with their children. Also spare a thought for the families in Fort McMurray, Alta. who have just lost their homes for a second time in four years.

Thinking about all those suffering people may put things in perspective, may make us realize how fortunate we are and just follow the recommendations until the pandemic is over.

Maria Walsh, Surrey

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