LETTERS: An agenda of intolerance

LETTERS: An agenda of intolerance

Editor: What are we doing to our young children? Why are children no longer allowed to be children?


What are we doing to our young children? Why are children no longer allowed to be children?

They are not smaller adults, they are children that like to play – actually, they need to play. That’s part of their development.

Children like to play dress-up; boys like to dress up like girls and vice versa. They are still normal boys and girls. Girls like to climb trees, training frogs to jump over sticks and boys like to go to pretend tea parties.

They are boys and girls that are growing up to become good citizens, great moms and dads.

That is, until an activist group decides to get their agenda into the school curriculum secretly, without the parents’ knowledge!

If it’s so good for our children to know that no longer are they boys or girls – but could be “other” – why wasn’t it out in the open for parents to decide if that’s what they want their children to be taught in school?

I’m really disappointed in this paper for publishing a Grade 3 boy holding a banner (Third-grader comes out to offer face for pro-SOGI rally, May 4). He is a child and should not be used as a poster boy for the SOGI agenda.

What about the teachers stuck in the middle here? Will they be fired if they disagree with this? What has happened to our society when parents no longer have any rights? After all, without them you wouldn’t have any children to teach or confuse.

Children in elementary school should learn to read, write, arithmetic, art, physical ed and social skills like being kind and loving to all people.

There still is a right and a wrong. Stealing and murdering is still wrong, right? Helping the less fortunate and being kind is still right, right?

I feel really sad to see the hatred and intolerance of the views of others in the May 2 paper (Taking sides in the gender debate, May 2 letters). So far this paper has not shown other people’s view, for example parents who are against teaching this to their children (Group that opposes LGBTQ program claims human-rights issue, Oct. 25, 2017).

And it’s not only Christians that are against this program that has been secretly squeezed into our elementary schools.

Wait until they are in university and can decide for themselves if they want to be male, female or so-called other…

G. Lindgren, White Rock