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LETTERS: Apologies for ‘despicable actions’ of a few

Anti-Chinese sentiment has no place in this community, writes Bob Hawkins


Re: Two sites targeted with anti-Chinese graffiti, Oct. 6

The second lead story in your Oct. 6 edition is most disturbing. It takes a very ignorant person to desecrate our public spaces with threats and insults toward the local Chinese population. Indeed I should make it clear that any treatment of people of colour is wrong and rejected by the vast majority of Canadians.

Immigration helps sustain our economy as we plan to grow economically. And they bring new customs to our communities. It’s too bad that we can’t identify the offenders and deport them to some distant land.

I do want to apologize to our growing immigrant communities in South Surrey and White Rock for the ignorance and terrible actions of a few despicable people living amongst us.

Bob Hawkins, Surrey