LETTERS: Assurances over highrises

LETTERS: Assurances over highrises

I want to hear what the fire chief recommends to ensure we have resources to fight large-scale fire


Last week, we learned of the horrific highrise fire in London that left 79 presumed dead.

Last year, we lost water due to the resources spent on fighting the fire at Five Corners – two condo buildings were on fire, neither of them highrises.

We currently have a highrise tower being built near Johnston Road and North Bluff. We have the Miramar towers (Phase 2) slated for Thrift and Johnson. There is a proposal pending city council’s decision on the Foster/Martin towers – three highrises.

I live in one of White Rock’s smaller condo buildings, near the two existing Miramar towers.

What assurances do White Rock condo residents have that we are safe if a fire starts? What assurances do we have that our firefighters have the capacity to protect the existing multi-resident structures – never mind the ones being built… or proposed?

We have no such assurances.

I would like to hear what the fire chief recommends to ensure that we have the proper resources to fight a large-scale fire.

Let’s take steps to address this major risk to the safety of our residents.

Jill Dahl, White Rock