LETTERS: Councillor crossed line


Re: Councillor ‘obligated’ to cross picket line, May 27.


Re: Councillor ‘obligated’ to cross picket line, May 27.

White Rock Coun. Grant Meyer, a week after respecting CUPE’s picket line at city hall, crossed it last week.

He was “obligated” to do so.

By crossing it, he has personally dismissed the legitimacy of not only CUPE but the union to which he pays dues, the BC Ferry & Marine Workers’ Union.

This has made him a marked man; in union parlance, the guy’s a ‘scab,’ and that reputation will stick to him forever, no matter where he goes.

He did it to himself.

One wonders whether Meyer has any understanding of what unions are all about despite that he is a union member. Maybe no one told him that it gives workers the right to bargain wages and conditions with their employers, or that every right they now enjoy – like the 40-hour week – was fought for tooth and nail by workers for over 100 years.

Maybe he just doesn’t care and his floating principles are fine by him.

It takes all sorts, as they say, but the ignorance is such a shame.

Mary Garner, White Rock