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LETTERS: Credit Union members in good standing still eligible to run for board position

Letter writer misinterpreted changes to Coast Capital Credit Union rules


Re: Undemocratic proposal, April 15 letters

Letter writer Frank Bucholtz has misunderstood our proposed changes to Coast Capital’s Credit Union rules and we would like to offer some clarification.

As Mr.Bucholtz’s letter noted, Coast Capital is holding its annual board of director’s election and has also proposed certain changes to our Credit Union rules. Contrary to Mr. Bucholtz’s assertion, the proposed changes to our Credit Union rules do not in any way change the right of a member in good standing to be eligible to run for a position on the board of directors.

The specific change that Mr. Bucholtz points to in his letter has been recommended for added clarity only.

It is proposed that two current sections (s.15.2 and s. 15.3) of the Credit Union rules be combined to form a new, more detailed section 15.2 that outlines the eligibility of those wishing to stand for a Coast Capital Board of Directors’ position. Members wishing to read the proposed amendments in detail can visit our website.

As a member-owned financial co-operative, Coast Capital has a rich 80-year history of building better futures for our employees, members and the communities we serve.

Our members are at the centre of everything we do and play a pivotal role in shaping our credit union.

We are pleased to see our members engaging in this process and welcome the opportunity to discuss the governance of our organization and the rule changes that are currently with our members for consideration.

Coast Capital remains a member-centric financial cooperative driven by purpose and a commitment to positively impacting our members, employees and communities.

Frank Leonard, Coast Capital Board of Directors Chair, Governance & Nomination Committee