LETTERS: Criticisms continue


Re: Maternity criticism draws fire, May 6; Have compassion for pregnant women, May 8 column.


Re: Maternity criticism draws fire, May 6.

White Rock Coun. David Chesney should be removed from his position, just like the Hydro One employee who shouted abuse at the City TV reporter recently.

He is not a good role model. There is no excuse for this type of public behaviour.

If the White Rock council does not take action, they must be complicit in condoning his behaviour. If the council has no legal recourse to remove him, then perhaps the citizens can demand recall legislation.

We need good role models, and it’s obvious that Chesney does not have the strength of character to resign.

John Mackintosh, Surrey

• • •

Free speech and personal taste/perspectives enrich the diversity we enjoy as Canadians.

Modesty is gone, whether droopy pants and butt-cracks for men, or over-the-top bulbous boobs peeking out and tight pregnant tummies.

People will dress as they choose.

Remarks made without forethought happen. Foot-in-mouth is a curse we all bear now and again. Frankly, get over it. This, too, will pass.

White Rock Coun. David Chesney has apologized on CBC camera, at his ‘community conversation’, in person to those who want to talk and by email/letter as people contact him.

Lesson learned.

Sigh, we need better journalism that does not take the “bait” on this trivial smear stuff and covers stories we need to know about, learn from or celebrate accomplishments.

I hope the federal-election coverage will be on the issues, the skills and capacity of candidates to actually represent us and not be mere messengers from Ottawa. I don’t need to know people’s opinions on personalities, personal style, fashion and trivia.

How would this person before me perform on the job, and what applied knowledge, skills, experience and determination can they bring?

Pat Petrala, White Rock

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Re: Have compassion for pregnant women, May 8 column.

When narcissism dictates behaviour, no amount of suggestions will correct the problem unless firm measures are applied.

Obviously, the TV station’s management are not prepared to preserve the dignity of the news hour, and we the viewing public are subjected to the lowest form of on-camera offensive dress code for the second time by this weather reporter. Tight white pants, high-heeled shoes and form-fitting tops do not belong on a full-blown pregnant body.

I will not be around for her third event, should it happen. It’s just too painful and embarrassing!

Thank you, Coun. David Chesney, for having the courage to speak out. I applaud your honesty and agree with your comments.

Management should have nipped this bud the first time around.

Lillian Harland, Surrey