LETTERS: Dog trial not working


It is with some relief that I can declare that I am not an expert (at least not yet) on canine poopology. But with one month having passed in the ridiculous experiment of having dogs on our White Rock Promenade, I am becoming an amateur authority.

In all honesty, I have not yet to complete one of my thrice weekly walks of 5 km or so, without spotting some form of dog poo somewhere along my route.

Sometimes it’s smeared into the paving stones, sometimes it sits like pyramids on the nearby grass, but often it seems to defy logic. For example, on several occasions a lone turd is spotted on the walkway, then another two metres along, then another, etc.

I have deduced that some dogs are spontaneously crapping as they go, with their owners completely oblivious (at least one would hope).

The whole thing is just not working. Although I do acknowledge that all the dogs seem well behaved even if their owners aren’t.

Paul Griffin, White Rock