LETTERS: Don’t be misled by Liberals on gun issue

LETTERS: Don’t be misled by Liberals on gun issue


The public needs to remember that there is much misinformation being circulated around about the firearms issue.

For clarification, interested parties can place a call to any of the firearms ranges in the Lower Mainland and they will be directed to an individual that will supply them with correct information.

The RCMP will also do the same for you.

Certainly, a legally owned firearm can be obtained by theft and used in the commission of a violent act. But for anyone to suggest that a large portion of crime is derived by this method is utter nonsense.

Speaking for myself, my handgun is kept with a trigger lock on it. The handgun is then placed into a carrying case with two locks on it. The case is then placed into a secure gun locker some with a combination lock. The gun locker is located in a locked room. The ammunition and magazine for the handgun is kept in a secure container seperate from the handgun in another area of the domicile.

When going to the gun range, they are transported in the same secure manner.

At the range the members fire at a square paper target with a circular configuration similar to a dart board.

We do not shoot at human figure targets.

The possibility for a criminal to obtain and use a legal firearm is approximately less than one per cent.

Gangs and firearms coming over the border are the real issue.

If all legal Canadian firearms owners turned in their firearms it would change absolutely nothing.

Anyone wanting to commit murder will do so no matter what. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof deterrent or law capable of changing one’s mind.

Members of the Canadian public that are opposed to gun ownership need to do their own research, otherwise they will be misled by the Liberal party which has its own agenda.

Remember that men and women that enjoy gun ownership are members of the Canadian public as well and just as concerned about gun violence.

Paul Dukes, White Rock

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