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LETTERS: Former Surrey mayor showed all the hallmarks of an autocrat



The driver in Doug McCallum’s public mischief case did herself no favours by being so blunt and rude, but perhaps McCallum’s behaviour in office goes a long way to explaining why some people absolutely lost it with our former mayor.

We are told that public servants are deserving of respect, and to that I say it’s a two-way street.

We had a mayor who banned people from council meetings who were in opposition to his agenda. He would routinely shut down public discussion on items before council and ordered bylaw officers to remove “Keep the RCMP” signs from private property.

He commissioned a publicly funded biased survey on the policing transition and then denied access of information requests to see the results. Some staffers involved with his slate posted inflammatory disinformation statements, including one that suggested the RCMP were murderers.

Finally, he made a mockery of his promise to be open and transparent.

I could go on.

These are all the hallmarks of an autocratic bully. If I wanted that sort of governance, I would move to China or Russia.

Mike Bildstein, Surrey