LETTERS: ‘Friendly exchange’


Re: Cities become partners, May 8; Dissimilar cityscapes, May 22 letters.


Re: Dissimilar cityscapes, May 22 letters.

I have to agree with letter-writers Anthony Manning and L. James.

How does entering into a “friendly exchange relationship” with a pollution-plagued city of two million in China make a bit of sense to Our City by the Sea?

This appears to be an open invitation to offshore developers/development – what other reason could there be?

We do not want to follow Richmond’s example of beautiful neighbourhoods being torn down and replaced with huge, non-occupied homes and with businesses displaying signs that residents can’t read.

White Rock has a great sense of community and a small -community feel; please don’t allow this to happen to us.

White Rock residents, speak up!

L. Byrnes, White Rock

• • •

Re: Cities become partners, May 8.

Should your “Agreement with China” not have been the headline, instead of the subhead?

This is our White Rock. We are not stupid to think what “a friendly relationship is.” Don’t you think we already know? Come on now!

It is an insult to us to think the council that we elected voted without one word to the public, we the citizens.

What are you doing with our city?

Dolores Diachak, White Rock

• • •

Some five years ago, I had the honour to appear before a City of White Rock committee established to advise White Rock mayor and council on economic development and tourism.

I advanced my thoughts on the City By The Sea establishing close ties with a city in Holland, such as Den Helder, Zandvort or Teneuzen, all straddling the North Sea. We could exchange soccer clubs in summer, ice hockey in the winter and give the youngsters of both cities and opportunity to meet.

The ranks of our veterans are getting thinner each year; we have to give the youngsters of both nations a chance to meet and carry on the closest friendship I have ever seen between two countries, having been in the Netherlands dozens of times.

One of the councillors present at the meeting said the city does not have funds to send council members to Holland.

I pointed out that we are not talking about elected officials but the youngsters. Airlines are offering special deals and once in the country, parents provide free room and board.

None of the citizens on the committee had any comments; the chairperson, another councillor, thanked me for coming and I was excused.

The entire meeting took eight minutes!

Wolfgang Schmitz, White Rock