LETTERS: Grace period for trash truck

LETTERS: Grace period for trash truck

Editor: City council should consider placing restrictions on the days garbage collection is allowed.


When I saw a garbage truck prowling my neighbourhood this past Sunday, it occurred to me that city council might at least consider placing restrictions on the days that garbage collection is allowed.

With massive diesel trucks of all descriptions roaming our laneways and roads almost every day at any hour, wouldn’t it be a good idea to maybe allow only two or even three days a week for such a nuisance?

Remember the good old days, when city staff did it all in a day or two?

The city could consult with the many contractors involved, then establish a grace period, allowing time for stratas to renegotiate contracts. An appropriate bylaw could follow. It’s not a perfect solution but it would go a long way towards resolving the disaster which currently serves as White Rock’s waste disposal/recycling program.

Incidentally, after reading news stories that the mayor wants to hire more staff to conduct civic landscaping, while at the same time firing the private contractor who has performed admirably over several decades, one has to wonder about priorities. On the one hand, city council abandons garbage collection for condo dwellers, but wants to hire more city staff to cut grass.

What sort of hair-brained planning is going on at city hall?

Paul Griffin, White Rock