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LETTERS: Grateful for caring strangers, health care professionals following bad fall



On Nov. 12, a beautiful sunny day, while taking a walk in White Rock I fell, hitting my head in a couple of places and landing on my right hip. While you’re in a situation like this, a few things go through one’s mind, like “what bones are broken? Is my brain still working?”

Never did I expect the people who came around and asked if they could help.

My husband was trying to get an ambulance but, obviously, other people had asked for their help. As a result, the ambulance took a while, but the fire truck came. The firemen tried their best to keep me comfortable, and they did.

In the meantime, this wonderful couple immediately removed their coats and covered me up. They stayed with us until the ambulance came. I want to thank them, and I also wish to thank the off-duty paramedic for her assistance and the blankets.

The ambulance paramedics were wonderful, and safely delivered me to the hospital.

Thank you. We wish you all a very safe and wonderful Christmas.

Tuula and Ralf Haggman, White Rock