LETTERS: Grateful for ocean eyeline


Re: ‘Hump’ clearing unacceptable, May 27 letters.


Re: ‘Hump’ clearing unacceptable, May 27 letters.

I can not disagree more with the letter writer’s comments.

We have lived on Marine Drive just above the ‘hump’ for over 20 years, and it is such a pleasure to have our oceanfront view returned as it was for many years (Bluff clearcut catches many off guard, May 13).

Traffic used to rush by on their way to the restaurants and shops and to Crescent Beach.

I sat on my patio just yesterday and watched many cars stop to take pictures and enjoy the view – which, I might add, is quite spectacular.

We are an oceanfront community.

Contrary to the letter to the editor, people now stop by the hundreds to take pictures and make exceedingly lovely comments.

The ‘hump’ is quite stable and will be even more so once the finishing touches have been completed.

From what I understand, it will be terraced and made more usable for all the people.

I thank the city council and mayor for their forward thinking.

The same people who make negative comments about this latest improvements are the same ones who criticized in volumes the development of the promenade. We all know how popular the promenade is today.

Thank you once again to the mayor and council.

John P. (Jack) Scott, White Rock