LETTERS: Hands off the 351, TransLink

LETTERS: Hands off the 351, TransLink


If TransLink really wants the taxpayers’ input on plans to change the bus route, TransLink should put a sign up a Bridgeport and White Rock bus stop saying: “Do you want to keep the 351 as-is or do you want to transer at White Rock to another bus to continue to your destination?”

Why do we get service cuts on the south side of the river?

Does Mr. Murphy know how many seniors and handicapped people stopped going into Vancouver because they found it difficult to transfer on the SkyTrain, or how many people were forced back into their cars because of the extra time it takes to Vancouver since TransLink took away the direct route?

Mr. Murphy does not realize or care how difficult it is for seniors and handicapped people to transfer onto another bus.

TransLink is confident the new shuttle would co-ordinate with the planned changes. It’s easy to say when you do not have to stand in the rain waiting for the bus.

The crazy part of all this is the change is not needed. Why are we, on the south side of the river, treated like second-class citizens by TransLink? We pay the same taxes as the taxpayer on the north side of the river.

I hope you all stand up to TransLink and tell them to keep their hands off the 351.

Mary Mikelson, South Surrey