LETTERS: Heartfelt appreciation

LETTERS: Heartfelt appreciation

Letter writers express thanks


I am addressing this letter to the wonderful staff at Peace Arch Hospital, to everyone including the ambulance people who so graciously came to my rescue at 7 a.m. on Feb. 24, after I fell at my home.

The lady’s name was Lisa, I think, and I never got the driver’s name. I was sort of in shock – pain was beyond belief.

There are so many wonderful people who took care of me. A special lady named Maria or Mariann – she was wonderful and assured me I would walk again, she would make sure of that. As they moved me to different floors, I lost contact.

My physio people – Carl, Rose and a spare fellow named Mark – got me on my feet and I never looked back. Thank you all.

Special greeting to kitchen staff who brought my meals, especially my two cups of coffee every morning.

To all staff, my heartfelt thanks.

Inez Plain, Surrey

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Re: Speaking out for nature lovers, April 25 letters.

Thank you for cleaning up the debris that was left along the sidewalk near the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest.

I may never know who left it behind or who picked it up – may have been the same individual – but I am very happy to see that it is gone!

Thank you! Your selfless actions have been noticed.

Karen Cook, Surrey