LETTERS: Keep the RCMP petition failed because organizers disregarded the rules


I am a supporter of keeping the RCMP in Surrey. As you know there was a petition being done in Surrey for this issue.

I have to say I am beyond angry with the organizers of the petition in that they totally disregarded Elections BC rules that petitions were required from all ridings in B.C. The Surrey organizers refused to do this even after I talked with one of them and told her that I talked to Elections BC regarding my concerns that the other ridings weren’t being involved in getting signatures for the petition to get a referendum.

The person from Elections BC told me he had spoken several times with a couple of these organizers telling them the petition from Surrey would not be acknowledged but again, this fell upon deaf ears.

I was told that it didn’t matter and they were only going to get Surrey signatures. As a result, the petition turned out to be a failure because the organizers did their own thing and ignored Elections BC. We failed to get a referendum because of this.

Michele Bruce, Surrey

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