LETTERS: Low-hanging fruit or cherry picking?

LETTERS: Low-hanging fruit or cherry picking?

White Rock Council has been meeting weekly to address COVID-19 related issues


Re: Plucking low-hanging fruit, July 2 letters

Garry Wolgemuth states he is “puzzled why emergency or special meetings are not also being called by this council to deal with the real economic fallout and severe consequences of COVID-19 to businesses, homeowners and renters.”

I wish to put his mind at ease. They have. In fact, White Rock Council has been meeting weekly to address COVID-19 related issues. Council also created a COVID-19 Recovery Task Force (CRTF) that includes members of the community and representatives from, for example, the BIA, Sources, Fraser Health, and others.

If Mr. Wolgemuth reads the CRTF mandates, on the City of White Rock website he will find his concerns are further addressed.

As for affordable housing initiatives, Coun. Anthony Manning has been working tirelessly on this file. In addition to his work, a developer is co-ordinating with BC housing on a proposal for property along North Bluff between Maple and Lee called Beachview, which would include a building for below-market rentals.

Mr. Wolgemuth is to be commended for his civic engagement; however, information is power and, therefore, misinformation is destructive.

Staying informed and informing others as best we can is essential, lest we unwittingly and unfairly accuse others of plucking low-hanging fruit or cherry picking to advance personal agendas.

“We’re all in this together” is not a slogan; it is a fact. Let’s not forget as we attempt to make “this” better.

Stephen Crozier, President, Democracy Direct Society

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