LETTERS: Many homeowners not pleased with Town Centre plan

LETTERS: Many homeowners not pleased with Town Centre plan


Re: Town centre nearing final form, Nov. 1

Unfortunately your article on the Semiahmoo Town Centre plan failed to obtain comments from concerned home owners who attended the open house, many of whom were not at all pleased.

High rises along 152 Street and 16 Avenue may make sense with transitions to lower-rise residential units in the immediate surrounding blocks, but single family areas such as that north of 16A Avenue and east of 154 Street should not be included in the plan area.

Indeed, simply the idea of a possible change to low-rise residential from single-family has resulted in questionable practices coming into play to pressure home owners to sell.

The resulting property consolidation will only benefit the developers. Fortunately, the city has been made aware of the pressure tactics involved – expropriation will not take place.

Encourage bicycle and pedestrian movement, as well as their safety, by the establishing 17 Avenue as a preferred route, including paths to the east of 156 and through the Semiahmoo mall area.

The plan breaks the mall area into 11 small blocks with nine high-rise (up to 24 storeys) and three mid-rise (to 12 storeys) buildings plus one micro park.

Restructuring the area to have walkways and bike paths rather than through roads would result in a much more pleasant appearing and functioning town centre. Suggesting that 16 Avenue should have bike lanes is, being polite, not in keeping with public safety.

Terry Peel, South Surrey


I see massive building plans are planned for north of 16 Avenue.

Once again, I see no mention of low income housing! Perhaps they should plan a place where folks can live in their tents.

Lena Hunter, Surrey