LETTERS: Miracles performed through ordinary people

LETTERS: Miracles performed through ordinary people


I would like to share a feel-good story with your readers.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, my daughter and I went to Ricki’s restaurant on King George Boulevard for dinner.

We had just been shown to our booth, when my daughter noticed that an elderly lady in the booth behind ours was standing bent over her seat and seemed to be in distress.

My daughter asked the lady’s friend if there was a problem and was told that the woman was choking and could not breathe.

My precious daughter immediately went over and placed her arms under the woman’s rib cage and gave her the Heimlich manoeuvre – and out popped the food that was choking her.

After a few minutes and a glass of water, she was fine and able to eat her dinner.

It’s unbelievable, because the timing was perfect for when we arrived and were seated at the restaurant.

God still performs miracles, but uses ordinary people to perform them.

I am so proud of my daughter!

I wish that the schools would teach this life-saving technique in the classrooms.

Helen Rae, Surrey