LETTERS: Misleading the way

LETTERS: Misleading the way

Editor: Re: City claims parkade editorial ‘misleading’, Aug. 2.


Re: City claims parkade editorial ‘misleading’, Aug. 2.

Who exactly is misleading?

This City of White Rock calling the PAN parkade editorial misleading is a bit like a pot calling the kettle black.

Lately, White Rock seems to have perfected its misleading efforts, especially when it comes to the water issue.

I happen to read the latest “My City My Water” insert that came with the water bill. Rather than provide an honest assessment of the situation in which the city finds itself, it seemed like it was written to convey half-truths and misdirect White Rock water users.

There is lots in the pamphlet to convince me monochloramine is so good for me and even tells me that “1 in 5 Americans” drink chloraminated water. Really? Good for them! What it fails to mention is that chloramine use is known to cause pipes to corrode, allowing lead to leach from the older pipes into the water supply.

It also misleads by saying that one of the reasons why White Rock does not connect to Metro Vancouver is because of Metro uses chlorine in its water system. That reason was only dreamt up after the fact, since it was never mentioned before, during or after the purchase of the water utility.

However, what it blatantly fails to point out is that connecting to Metro would eliminate the need to spend $14 million White Rock now will spend to remove arsenic and manganese. Funny how that fact was not included in this piece of propaganda.

I did, however, get a chuckle out of the pamphlet’s statement that “nearly 100 million people in Canada and the U.S. have been enjoying drinking water treated with monochloramine.”

Too bad that I am not willing to share in this same ‘enjoyment.’

Hannah Newman, White Rock