LETTERS: Mount Olive church’s support of SUMS greatly appreciated

LETTERS: Mount Olive church’s support of SUMS greatly appreciated


Re: Church to host drive-thru food-donation station, June 4

I am writing on behalf of Surrey Urban Mission Society – regarding the drive-thru hosted by Mount Olive Lutheran Church for our organization – to express our sincere gratitude for their unconditional support throughout our journey.

As we know, times have been tough for all of us amidst this pandemic. It has been tougher for those in need and especially for homeless people, who the pandemic has hit a bit harder.

I just want to express my gratitude for all the support and help provided to us by Mount Olive church, even when the pandemic got the best of us. Their support and donations have helped hundreds of our guests have it easier than what the world offered.

We have continued to serve over 300 guests every day and over 2,100 meals in a week even when COVID-19 conditions didn’t make it any easier.

We are currently running over three shelters in Surrey and it has not been easy. Being short of supplies and needing to move our kitchen out of SUMS has been a task, but the constant support, love and donations by people and organizations in our community, definitely made it a bit easier than it would have been.

The drive-thru program hosted by Mount Olive church is an excellent example of what we can continue to do for our community, by adapting to life circumstances, finding solutions as new problems occur and continuing to be there for those in need and for each other, while all of us hold out hope for better times.

Mount Olive Lutheran Church has been a source of constant support to SUMS and the thousands who depend on our services. No amount of words can express the gratitude I feel in my heart for their love, sacrifices and contributions.

Romeo Kabanda, Director of Operations, SUMS

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