LETTERS: Next election, politicians should phone instead of fly

LETTERS: Next election, politicians should phone instead of fly


I was happy to see the letters regarding the climate emergency, including the suggestion that we dress warm and don’t idle our vehicles for warmth.

I also have a suggestion for the next election.

Perhaps the party leaders, to express their commitment to control of fossil fuel emission, could not fly all over our massive country daily in private aircraft to glad hand with people who, in many cases are already converted to their electoral commitment. Instead, they could transmit their message via telecommunications such as telephone, television, internet etc., as many Canadians have devices on which they can receive the messages.

It would result in a much smaller carbon footprint and might convince some of the skeptics and deniers that these politicians believe there truly is an emergency with regard to climate change.

I also should comment that, by and large, I was ashamed of our so-called political leaders from all persuasions in a campaign that was extremely divisive and did nothing to convince me that we will continue to live in the best country in the world.

Bob Holden, Surrey