LETTERS: Permanent housing solutions needed before banning RVs

LETTERS: Permanent housing solutions needed before banning RVs


I can understand the position of the City of Surrey on sleeping overnight in RVs or vans on city streets – in terms being an urban eyesore and source of pollution – however, I am disappointed they voted to ban the practice.

It is getting cold already and winter is around the corner. This decision can put many vulnerable people at risk.

Housing and social services are actually not a local responsibility, they are a provincial responsibility.

The city needed to work with the province to provide permanent housing solutions for these people.

As housing becomes unaffordable for many people throughout Metro Vancouver, these issues are going to become an even more serious and severe problem.

All levels of government need to create incentives to get our most vulnerable and at-risk citizens out of RVs and vans and into quality social housing.

I hope that calmer and more realistic and rational heads prevail and that the City of Surrey reverses this decision.

Alex Sangha, Delta