LETTERS: Plan no artistic representation

LETTERS: Plan no artistic representation

Editor: Re: Decision for gateway ‘already made,’ May 16.


Re: Decision for gateway ‘already made,’ May 16.

I appreciate the profound disappointment by the appointed City of White Rock’s Public Art Advisory Committee chair Jim Adams in the article.

Remarks by the Selection Committee chair gave me hope they may put this into park till later.

I and about 25 neighbours went to the open-house session to meet four reception gals and two city staff, plus the sign company salesman. The current trendy stone/concrete masculine base seen everywhere with bleak block florescent glittery car-dealer fashion, or cold industrial park or shopping centre style excessive wording examples certainly are not an artistic representation of unique community.

I did provide written comment and my own rendering of what could be an exciting opportunity to engage the many arts sector we are championing with pop-up events to draw tourists and promote creativity.

That “City by the Sea” slogan adds nothing – there are thousands of cities by the sea. Civic name and province is more elegant.

Certainly, there is no urgent need to approve this sterile project prior to Johnston Street renewal underway. We hope all of council has foresight to not impose something for the next 40 years that is a mere tacky perch for pigeons, crows and gulls.

Pat Petrala, White Rock