LETTERS: Pondering civic pot plan

LETTERS: Pondering civic pot plan

Editor: Re: Online poll, Jan. 19-25; Cannabis-ban plan sparks opposition, Jan. 19.


Re: Online poll, Jan. 19-25.

With regard to PAN polls, please advise either how, or if, the inputs are screened for integrity.

My question arises concerning the current poll on marijuana dispensaries in White Rock: “Once marijuana is legal in Canada, should cities be allowed to effectively ban dispensaries through zoning?” I note there has been a high number of responses in favour of such establishments, and I’m suspicious that there may be a conspiracy to manipulate the numbers. The type of activity I have in mind is multiple responses from one person, maybe via one computer.

I realize the poll is unofficial, but the result may influence readers when the city council addresses the issue.

John Bliss, White Rock

Editor’s note: The online poll uses ‘cookies’ to curtail repeat voting. As of Wednesday monring, 191 votes were cast from 174 different IP addresses.

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Re: Cannabis-ban plan sparks opposition, Jan. 19.

My son had a traumatic brain injury, consequently being paralyzed and blind on one side.

His brain can get too excited and worked up over things that normal people can deal with.

I am his court-appointed committee, which means I am responsible for his well-being.

For a number of years now, I have, through our doctor, been getting him pot from Releaf Compassion Center that was down by Five Corners in White Rock where the big fire was. Now, I have to go all the way out to Langley for the same thing.

I have been in the White Rock store a number of times after ordering the pot. They would say it would be in at a certain time and I would just go and pick it up.

I have never taken any drugs myself at any time in my life, and hope I never will have to. I’m just doing fine without it.

With that being said, it has been a great relief to my son. It settles his mind down and helps him cope with all the handicaps he has to deal with on a regular basis – or, in other words, makes his day a lot better.

When I have gone into the store, I have never seen any pot out in the open. The only pot that is there is put away for the customers that are coming in after ordering it for their medical condition. Any time I have been there, it was basically an elderly lady dressed very prim and proper picking up to make her life more bearable.

When I was at Christmas On the Peninsula on the last Saturday of November, I talked about the situation on the Releaf store with the mayor, and at that time he seemed to understand and, to me, seemed favourable to that store coming back.

I hope at least for people who are suffering it is not the intention of council to stop these poor folks from having that store back and handy for them.

Brian Lauder, Surrey