LETTERS: Premier has opened a Pandora’s box

LETTERS: Premier has opened a Pandora’s box


Re: Canada’s oil is undervalued, Protest’s side-effect positive, Feb. 14 letters

It was so refreshing to read Ken Harrap’s letter describing how “Canada’s oil is undervalued” in the world today. He goes on to state the “facts” about the oil industry and its relation to the current protest movement. However, on the same page Pat Brealey writes about the “Protest’s side-effect positive” concerning the blockade limiting dirty coal shipments.

Meanwhile, TV news shows a young woman protester at one of the many blockades happening nationwide, declaring, “we are going to shut down Canada!”

These are not the words of a true environmentalist, but rather of an anarchist. This is not someone interested in dialogue, but rather someone looking for an opportunity to cause trouble. Sadly, she is not alone in this pursuit.

For those who support these so-called “environmentalists,” thinking the blockades may bring attention to the problem of climate change, think again.

Railways are at a standstill, exports are unable to make it to market, factories are on the verge of shutting down, with countless jobs being lost. If these protests last much longer, could an economic recession be far behind?

Premier John Horgan opened a “Pandora’s box” when he said “he would use every tool in the toolbox” to stop the expansion of the already existing Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta, thereby encouraging protests. His hypocrisy on the issue is blatant, as he now deals with similar resistance over construction of the LNG pipeline in northern B.C. You might say that Horgan’s “chickens have come home to roost.”

Unfortunately, all of Canada is now paying for his folly.

John King, Surrey

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