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LETTERS: Provide detailed breakdown of police transition costs and reversal plan



First, I want to congratulate Brenda Locke on a well-run campaign and her success in the 2022 election.

That said, I have to remind her that she now represents all Surrey residents, not only the KTRIS (Keep the RCMP in Surrey) team and that there were over 70 per cent of voters that did not select Brenda as their first choice for mayor.

Hopefully, Brenda and her team will keep this in mind and not allow council to become the autocratic mess we have had for the past four years under the former mayor and council.

Pausing the police transition is definitely a positive action for the residents of Surrey. Please provide your citizens detailed costs as to what has been spent so far and a detailed plan and costing to revert to the RCMP as our official police force. Thanking you in advance.

B. Kip Leith, Surrey