LETTERS: Public thanks for gestures

Letter writers show their appreciation.


Lunch on the White Rock waterfront was lovely. Then I found I had dropped my Nexus card while fishing out my Visa for parking.

I was thrilled to get a call next day from the RCMP saying someone had turned it in. A big thank you to the kind gentleman. Where else do we find such nice folks?

Raylene Eichorn, Surrey

• • •

A heartfelt thank you to an anonymous secret angel. While in the Semiahmoo parking lot, you spotted a large screw protruding from the driver-side tire of my vehicle.

Thanks for leaving a note. I was able to have it fixed before an accident could occur. My friend, whom I’d driven to the dental office, also was most grateful knowing that her safety was being looked after.

May such an angel ‘pay it forward’ to you one day.

Pamela Vandeyck, Surrey