LETTERS: RCMP should release exact staffing numbers

LETTERS: RCMP should release exact staffing numbers


Supporters of the Surrey RCMP cried for more transparency and in response Mayor McCallum released the full Surrey Policing Transition Report, almost unredacted, with the exception of items covered by the “Third Party rule” that requires express agreement from the RCMP.

The “Surrey RCMP Organizational Chart” and “Surrey RCMP Sworn Staffing” numbers in pages 49 and 50 of the report were redacted, presumably because the RCMP did not consent.

Since much media attention has been placed on whether the report proposes an increase or decrease in officers for Surrey, why doesn’t the Surrey RCMP release the exact staffing numbers complete with their organizational chart?

It appears it might actually be the RCMP that has something to hide.

R. Winters, Surrey