LETTERS: Refreshing viewpoint

LETTERS: Refreshing viewpoint

Editor: Re: Vary the viewpoints, Nov. 15 letters.


Re: Vary the viewpoints, Nov. 15 letters.

Thanks to letter-writers Phil De Rosa and Peter Battistoni for their criticism of columnist Tom Fletcher. They provide an excuse to offer my enthusiastic endorsement of Fletcher and his well-researched and insightful columns on current political and economic issues.

They are unmatched by other columnists, most of whom deliver the same trivial or politically acceptable tripe.

Truth to tell, Fletcher’s columns are the only reason I look forward to the next issue of PAN.

So I say “bravo, Tom” for a job very well done. Keep it up.

Chris Hodgson, Surrey

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Regarding columnist Tom Fletcher, he gives the most realistic side of today’s ‘war in the woods,’ which is a refreshing viewpoint from those of the activists and professional victims who speak for nobody but themselves.

If you live in ‘LaLa Land,’ the truth hurts.

G. Reid, Surrey