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LETTERS: Royal family-ties remain a benefit to Canada



Re: Time to move toward independence, Sept. 22 letters

We are an independent country working together with all the Commonwealth countries to better ourselves and mankind. The Commonwealth gives us a stronger constitution and respect around the world.

The Royals support thousands of charities in all the Commonwealth countries.

King Charles has championed the environment and keeping our farmland all his life.

When the Royals visit the Commonwealth or any other countries, they benefit the tourist industry.

We pay the Crown approximately $5 million a year. That is $1.68 for every citizen. It is better to spend money that benefits all citizens than doling out funds to special-interest groups that is used by them only.

We are very lucky to belong to the family of the Commonwealth. If you research the countries that left the Commonwealth, you will find that they are not better off and have lost all the goodness the Commonwealth represents.

Mary Mikelson, Surrey

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